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Women will define the 2012 election. And as part of its ongoing Your Life. Your Time. Your Vote. campaign to create a national dialogue on women and politics, Lifetime Network is strengthening its on-air commitment with a star-studded PSA as the upcoming presidential election approaches.


Eva Longoria, Condoleezza Rice and Jennifer Love Hewitt are confirmed to participate, and it comes at a critical juncture. The United States currently ranks 90th in the world in women’s elected representation and for the first time ever, women lost seats in Congress during the 2008 election cycle.

Lifetime is spearheading a nonpartisan opinion poll of 1,000 women nationwide, after hosting late-night celebrations at both conventions and conducting a nationwide sweepstakes to win fun, interactive election night party boxes.

A star-studded PSA premiered at the Republican and Democratic conventions. Participating Lifetime celebrities include: Loretta Devine (TheClient List), Jennifer Love Hewitt (The Client List), Eva Longoria (Devious Maids), Susan Lucci (Devious Maids) and Cybill Shepherd (The Client List). Meghan McCain andCondoleezza Rice are also slated to appear in the PSA, which encourages women’s involvement in politics – whether by running for office, speaking their minds or casting a ballot.

Lifetime is offering an opportunity to win one of 1,000 election night party kits. These fun election night viewing boxes will include Your Life. Your Time. Your Vote. blue and red nail polish, a cocktail shaker for the hostess, party coasters, popcorn, four glasses and red cocktail mix to create a celebratory drink, artichoke spinach dip mix, an interactive discussion guide and resources on how to make a difference in your local community.

(1) One Election Night Party Kit Includes:

• Your Life. Your Time. Your Vote blue and red nail polish to create festive nails.
• A cocktail shaker for the hostess to use over and over again while watching her favorite Lifetime movies
• Cocktail glasses (4) and red cocktail mix to celebrate with your three closest friends
• Fun party coasters (4)
• Popcorn to enjoy while you watch the election results
• Artichoke Spinach dip mix to compliment your favorite chips and crackers
• A Discussion Guide with questions to talk about with your friends and information on getting involved in the political process
• One red and blue colored pencil to use to track the evenings election results

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